Showa Denko America

Sintered Cubic Boron Nitride Solids for metalworking and tooling industries

SBN K-TIP is a sintered compact of cubic boron nitride (cBN) manufactured by Showa Denko from specially prepared cBN. It utilizes our proprietary ultra-high pressure technology. SBN K-TIP is morphologically featured in that cBN grains constitute the skeleton, while special binders fill the voids and create coherent bonds. SBN K-TIP is recommended for cutting hard ferrous alloys and difficult to work materials. It’s also useful as a raw material of wear resistant parts. SBN K-TIP is available with eight various grades for a wide range of machining materials. The KT series is a composite sintered compact which a sintered cBN layer is supported by a layer of cemented carbide. The KS series is solely made up of sintered cBN.

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