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Sintered Alumina and Cubic Boron Nitride Products for Improved Manufacturing!

Sinter Morundum (SM and SR), are low porosity, high body strength, rod shaped sintered abrasives that are manufactured from bauxite (SM) and calcined alumina (SR), respectively.

SM and SR can be utilized in a number of abrasive wheel applications and provide a distinct advantage to other materials commonly used, such as Alumina Zirconia. This is due to their lower density and higher thermal conductive capabilities.

Cubic Boron Nitride Abrasive Grain (cBN) was first synthesized in Japan by Showa Denko in 1978 and has continued to create cBN with new and unique properties since.

cBN has a hardness that is only second to diamond and is great for grinding/polishing steel since it does not chemically react to iron. Showa Denko offers numerous grades of cBN with varying shape and crystal strength to meet different application requirements.

K-TIP is a sintered compact of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) that utilizes Showa Denko's proprietary ultra-high-pressure technology. K-Tip is recommended for cutting hard ferrous alloys and other difficult to work materials. K-TIP is offered in two types, KT and KS Series and eight various grades for a wide range of machining materials.

SHOROX, Showa Denko’s brand of cerium oxide (CeO2) abrasive, which is used for a variety of fine polishing applications.  Available in both powder and slurry types, SHOROX is perfect for polishing optical lenses, hard disk glass plates, photomasks, and a variety of others.  Showa Denko offers a wide variety of grades and packaging options and are happy to provide a samples at your request.

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