Showa Denko America

Butyrolactonethiol (SPIERA) is a perm and straight perm agent with mild acidity and superior performance developed by the proprietary technology of Showa Denko. SPIERA has been developed as an efficient perm agent that does not damage hair.

Trade Name SPIERA™
Chemical Name Butyrolactonethiol
CAS no. 14032-62-3
  • Perm and hair relaxer agent
  • Coloring aids
  • Mild acidity
  • Superior perm performance
  • No damage on hair
  • No chemical odor
  • No coloring retardation
  • Natural-looking appearance

L-cysteine is a natural amino acid found in human hair at a high content. One of its major applications is permanent wave solution. DL-cysteine, a synthetic product, can be used as permanent wave solution and is much superior to L-cysteine in minimizing the roughness.

Trade Name DL-Cysteine HCl / DL-Cysteine
Chemical Name DL-Cysteine hydrochloride/DL-Cysteine
CAS no. 10318-18-0/3374-22-9
  • Perm agent
  • No recrystallization
  • High solubility in water
  • High perming performance
  • No harm on hair and hands