Showa Denko America

By customizing our acrylic emulsions to meet your needs, the possibilities are endless.

Showa Denko’s Polysol™ Acrylic Emulsions are designed for a variety of end products. The acrylic emulsions are base materials for paints, adhesives, and coatings, as well as being used as an additive in asphalt emulsions, textiles, paper processing, among many applications. Showa Denko offers equivalents to most standard acrylic emulsions and can custom formulate for unique projects.


Grade Main components Solid content
SE-1720 acrylic 50 14,000 Film, instead of solvent type
SE-6010 acrylic 65 12,500 High adhesion, Heat resistance, Use to polyolefine
SE-6101 acrylic 62 13,500 High adhesion, low temperature type
AP-5085N styrene・acrylic 50 8,000 Binder for single layer elasticity paint
AP-3900 acrylic・silicon 50 200 Binder for high weather resistance gloss paint
AP-6750 styrene・acrylic 45 4,000 Binder for protect rusting paint
AP-3150 styrene・acrylic 42 10,000 Binder for repair of automobile chassis paint
AP-4775N acrylic 51 2,000 Binder for stone style paint
AP-1330N styrene・acrylic 47 8,000 Sticker for modification
EVA AD-5 ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer 56 3,500 Laminate, Bag-making, Box-making
EVA AD-56 ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer 60 3,000 Laminate, Bag-making, Box-making
EVA AD-10 ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer 56 3,000 Laminate, Base for mortar
EVA AD-18 ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer 56 3,500 Laminate, Bag-making, Box-making, Low Tg, Film