Showa Denko America

Abrasives & Super Abrasives

Cubic Boron Nitride and Sintered Alumina grains for metalworking industries

Functional Cosmetic Ingredients

Vitamin C derivatives, Vitamin E derivatives, and anti-aging solutions.

Allyl Alcohol

An organic precursor for glycidol, epichlorohydrin, 1,4-buanediol, and others


For semiconductor, feed additive, and personal care applications.

Battery Materials

Carbon Coated Foils, Carbon Fiber, & Anode Materials


UV or Air curing additive for resins.

Chlorinated Polyethylene

Elaslen CPE is used for wire, cable, hoses, PVC, and more.

Polysol™ Acrylic Emulsion

By customizing our acrylic emulsions to meet your needs, the possibilities are endless.


Adhesives, Asphalt Emulsions, Coatings, Industrial Rubber, Waterproofing


Wide range of high quality polymer & silica-based HPLC columns.


Charge dissipating agent for E-beam lithography.

Thermal Fillers

Various types of Alumina and Boron Nitride